Nicole is a qualified Naturopath with post graduate qualifications in Natural Fertility Education. She specialises in the fields of male and female pre-conception health, fertility and IVF support, as well as pregnancy care and mother and baby health.

Having worked at Fertile Ground Health Group in East Melbourne for seven years, and previously the BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre in Canterbury, Nicole has very solid experience in fertility and pregnancy care. She  continues to be the resident Naturopath on the professional support panel of the BellyBelly website.

Nicole enjoys working with couples to assist them in growing their healthy family wherever they are on their journey. She is a great believer in meeting her clients where they are ‘at’ on their journey and formulates a treatment strategy to suit each individual. A focus on realistic and achievable goals is a key here.

Naturopath and birth attendant, Nicole TracyNicole is passionate about the effectiveness of natural medicine, and uses herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional medicine, vitamin and mineral therapies, flower essences and food as medicine. Preconception Care is an important part of her work and she is committed to working with couples to help them achieve and maintain a high level of health and wellbeing prior to conceiving.

Drawing on these approaches she works to successfully promote health of the reproductive system, optimising quality of the endometrial lining and eggs in women, and increasing sperm count and quality in men. Unexplained infertility is a challenge she especially likes to work with – coming together with her clients to try to put together the seemingly disparate pieces of the puzzle.

Nicole also loves treating babies and children, and has great success using homeopathic remedies for little people.

Nicole is devoted to meeting her client’s needs, and frequently attends seminars and conferences to continue her professional education. She is currently undertaking studies with Rhea Dempsey to become a birth attendant and is able to provide herbal, homeopathic, physical and emotional support to her clients during labour.

Nicole is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia, the Australian Homeopathic Association, and the Fertility Society of Australia.

Call Nicole on 0429 40 20 45 or email nicole (at)