Blood Test Referrals

Nicole can issue blood test referrals for multiple pathology labs. Blood tests are most helpful for ascertaining what is going on in your body on a biochemical level. Blood tests can confirm nutrient status, blood cholesterol and lipid levels, the presence of heavy metals, immune system health, hormone levels, organ function and cancer markers.

MTHFR Testing

A simple inner cheek swab can confirm the presence of the MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate) gene mutation. This easily treated mutation can be responsible for symptoms such as fertility issues, recurrent miscarriage, poor memory and concentration, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, allergies and hindered detoxification pathways.

Hair Mineral Analysis

This is another non-invasive form of testing, that reveals heavy metal and toxic element levels within the body. It also provides much insight into nutrient levels, ratios of nutrients and metabolic information. It is of special interest in unexplained infertility and chronic health conditions.

Salivary Hormone Profile

Testing hormone levels in the saliva is actually more effective and accurate than blood levels. Saliva provides up to the minute hormonal changes, and is beneficial for monitoring stress hormones and reproductive hormones. Kits are sent to your home where you provide samples at set times, and a courier pick them up – couldn’t be easier.

Food Allergy Testing

Comprehensive testing of immune response to up to 93 different foods can provide highly sensitive results indicating food intolerances and allergies. Once the known foods are identified and eliminated or reduced in the diet, huge improvements can be seen in the digestive system and overall health.

pH Testing

pH levels can provide insight into how well your are absorbing nutrients, and how your body is dealing with waste products. pH testing can be carried out on saliva and urine samples, and is quick and simple.

RBTI Analysis

Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation is a brilliant system for assessing bodily pH levels, the state of your organs, how you are digesting and assimilating nutrients, and finding out where your body is really ‘at’ health wise. Testing is simple and non-invasive, and requires only a urine and saliva sample.