Natural Fertility Education

Natural Fertility Education teaches or reminds women of their natural cycle of fertility. Not many women realise that they are only fertile for a few days each cycle, and this knowledge can make life so much easier whether you are trying to conceive, or trying not to conceive. Charting your menstrual cycle can provide clear patterns and locate your fertile peak. You can use observations and basal temperature recordings alone, or can employ the use of ovulation tests.

Naturopaths who are trained in natural fertility can educate you to recognise your fertile times, and help you to greatly increase the chance of a conscious well timed conception. Once you are empowered with this knowledge, you can work with family planning or avoiding pregnancy.

IVF Support

IVF can be a challenging time for families which is why extra support can be the difference between a rough and a smooth journey. Using safe and effective natural medicines, alongside prescribed IVF medications greatly increases the chances of successful conception and full-term pregnancies.

Both Nicole and Nikki work alongside your IVF specialist with clear and open communication to optimise your chances of falling pregnant with minimal side effects.