Nicole offers a range of therapies, and will call on what is required for your individual case.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been utilised since the dawn of humanity. Herbs contain complex arrangements of active phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, and are very powerful medicines indeed. The majority of our modern pharmaceutical drug are actually synthesised from plant medicines. Herbs are most often administered in a tincture or tablet form, and sometimes in the form of a yummy herbal tea.


Homoeopathic medicines are highly diluted potentised substances that provide a subtle energetic stimulus to coax the body into a greater state of health. Homoeopathy was rediscovered over 200 years ago, and is an incredibly effective form of medicine.

Natural Fertility Education

Nicole holds a certificate in Natural Fertility Education, and thoroughly enjoys the process of empowering women through educating them on their own menstrual cycle. Whether it is natural contraception you require, or advice on maximising your fertile times, natural fertility education is a wonderful life skill to master.

Pre-Conception Care

The importance of pre-conception care for both partners has been proven in many studies. Preparing your body to be in prime condition for conceiving is of so much value to both you and your child. Check out for some interesting info on this subject.

IVF Support

Naturopathic care is highly effective in supporting couples utilising assisted reproductive techniques. Nutritional, herbal and homeopathic support can maximise sperm count and quality, egg quality and yield, along with building the integrity of the endometrial lining.
We also work to provide much needed emotional support and stress reduction for both partners. Naturopathic care reduces the side-effects of the procedures and medications used in processes such as IVF, ICSI, GIFT and AI, and we really see improvements in results.

Pregnancy Care

Naturopathic care is indispensable during pregnancy, labour and labour preparation. Nature has many tried and tested remedies that are not only effective, but completely safe during pregnancy, birth and beyond. This is definitely an ingredient for healthier babies, healthier Mums and less complications in pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.

Birth Support

Nicole has trained to become a qualified Birth Attendant or ‘Doula’ with Rhea Dempsey. Nicole is available to attend your birth, whether it be in a hospital, birthing centre or at home. Nicole draws on a broad range of tools to truly prepare a woman for labour, and to support her through this transformative process. Research indicates that woman who are supported by a Doula in their birth have shorter labour and far less medical intervention.

Flower Essences

Nicole utilises both Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bach Flower Remedies to support people on the emotional level and foster changes to our ingrained emotional patterns. Flower Essences are an amazing medicine which can be wonderful in propping us up emotionally in times of need, and creating lasting change in our worlds.

Food as Medicine

Choices around the foods we eat can have a massive impact on both the prevention and treatment of many health conditions. Nicole can help to tailor your diet to reduce the likelihood of genetic predispositions to certain diseases, as well as treat existing health issues.

Detoxification Programs

Safe and effective detox programs under the skilful guidance of your Naturopath. No fads, no detox-in-a-box, no dangerous diets, just gentle programs that are tried and tested and really work. Detoxification diets take the burden off your liver and kidneys, allowing your body to restore and regenerate. Weight loss is a very common positive side effect of a good detox program.

Weight Loss

Sensible weight loss especially designed for you. Lots of delicious healthy foods and recipes, realistic goals and no going hungry. We have many effective programs, and will match you to a program suited to you. Once you have reached your goal weight, we work with healthy lifestyle choices to maintain the new you.