Herbal, homeopathic and other natural medicines

A Naturopath is trained to recognise and treat the symptoms and underlying causes of poor health and illness. We look at each individual as just that, an individual, and take a holistic approach to assessing each persons state of wellbeing. Through a comprehensive consultation about your history, lifestyle, diet and overall state of health, a Naturopath will put together the pieces of your unique story. Using clinical diagnostic tools such as iris analysis (iridology), tongue and fingernail analysis, blood tests, hair mineral analysis and allergy testing, your picture is more clearly illustrated. Your Naturopath with then formulate ways to remedy your situation or state of dis-ease. Most Naturopaths have a large range of treatments in their ‘tool bag‘ and will tailor your treatment to suit you.

A large focus is placed on supporting your body to heal itself, and many of our treatments trigger the body’s innate healing abilities. Naturopathy can be of assistance for most ailments, and your Naturopath can work alongside your GP.

Both Nicole Tracy and Nicole Haak work with people of all ages and provide safe and effective holistic health care.